Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Distract and Disable 10 Now In The WGXC Archive!

Just in time for the holidays. And, since you might be afraid of things coming down your chimney this time of year (and in general) make sure to bring this along with you into your safe room. You'll need something to do while cowered in the corner. Oh, and below are some clues for you to mull over before opening that last can of beans. Happy Holidaze.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Distract and Disable Program 10 -- TODAY! 2PM EST

There you go again, talking about the apocalypse. Only 369 days away...well, it occurs to me that all of this can easily be avoided if you just tune in to Distract and Disable Program today. All you need to know is in there. Try it, you'll like it. So, tune in to WGXC today at 2PM EST and you'll see what I mean.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Distract and Disable 9 in the WGXC Archive

So you think you're a detective, that you can tell when someone is lying by the look on their face, how they are behaving? Well don't be so sure of yourself. Sometimes the most outlandish tales can be real, and sometimes the most innocuous turn out to be the biggest lies. This is why following the below links will provide you with some answers as to what the hell happened on this most recent program. Now who's the super-sleuth? Oh, and you might want to re-listen while trying to piece it all together, you know, in case there's something you might've missed.