Thursday, August 15, 2013

DISTRACT AND DISABLE 30 -- Saturday 17 August -- 2pm EDT/1PM CDT

There's definitely something amiss when you push on a wall and it opens into a room, then the wall shuts behind you and you find yourself in complete darkness except of course for the boom box that you were carrying with you that has a fresh set of C batteries and you press play. This is when it gets really weird because you don't remember carrying the boom box into the room, nor do you remember entering the room. So where are you? Perhaps inside the radio. Yes, that must be it, inside the radio. Or maybe inside a computer. No. It's too smelly to be inside a computer. Definitely a radio. Some of you know what I'm talking about. Others, well...
So tune in this Saturday 17 August at 2pm EDT/1pm CDT to WGXC for the Distract and Disable Program. If you regret it, you've only got yourself to blame.
Also, if none of this makes any sense, then you are probably sane and would do well to start at the beginning which you can access through the fantastic WGXC archives.

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